The FNB Home Loan

Since lately, the First National Bank home loans or FNB home loans have increased in popularity among many people who are seeking home loans. The bank was conceived in the year 1838 in the town of Grahamstown in South Africa. With over 140 years of service to South Africans the bank still stands as one of the largest contributors in the banking sector in South Africa. FNB somehow metamorphosed from Barclays in the year 1968 and became fully owned and controlled by individuals living in South Africa. This bank has been doing a great job by seeking to offer their clients great home loans, giving almost everyone the privilege of owning their own homes. Let’s look at why the FNB home loans are constantly rising in popularity.

FNB’s Core Mission

The FNB’s strategy seems to be very contentious in comparison to other banks. This is because the bank’s core mission to help people, especially the South African consumer and not their pockets. This bank’s core mission has taken it into places where no other bank has gone before, making the clients the priority, offering them fantastic long-term opportunities to repay their mortgage loans in extremely harsh and difficult economic conditions and climate. The FNB consistently and constantly improves on lending to South Africans that are unable to purchase a house on their own, giving them a grand opportunity to own their homes, making their popularity soar over their competitors.

FNB Fantastic Home Loan Option – Traditional Loan

FNB offers a number of home loans that suits their clientele and the staff at FNB are experts at what they do. Some of the home loans are Construction Loans, Traditional Home Loan and home loan optional add-on capabilities and personal solutions. When you come into the bank in search of a home loan, the staff at FNB will gladly assist you in choosing the most suitable home loan that is being offered at the bank. For example, a traditional FNB loan is ideal for you if you are looking for a nice versatile loan to purchase a house, with added diversified ways to suit your personal needs. In addition, FNB continues to rise in popularity amongst married couples, mainly because if you and your partner intend to buy a house together all you need is a minimum joint income of R10,000.

FNB Great Home Loan Option – Construction Loan

Another reason for the rise in popularity with FNB home loans is the fact that they are now offering to South Africans construction loans that are deemed as classical loans which are targeted at those persons who are desirous of building their dream house, but may not have the financial strength to do so. The FNB will offer a construction loan to individuals who want to build their homes from scratch, the truth is once you have started to build your house a building relationship will develop with you and the bank which will lead to a standard mortgage approval. Isn’t this wonderful, you can get up to $100 percent of the construction contract which includes the land. In addition to this you will be eligible for a break of up to six current payments and many more benefits.

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