Absa Joining Government to quicken Housing Delivery

Absa is launching a Support Programme for Public Housing Practitioners, so it is reported.

This is in relation to the move of the government of South Africa to provide sustainable settlements for its inhabitants. This program aims to produce the needed skills in government housing professionals and managers of urban planning starting. The engineering departments of municipalities are also expected to go through the program.

This training forms part of the effect of a long-term agreement between Absa and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) where the former borrowed €40m to start with the initiative in building affordable settlements. This agreement was made last September 2007 and was then used to start developing the people who have the potential in leading the affordable market housing too. As a result, 400 South African estate agents are now at work.

“The second phase, a Support Programme for Public Housing Practitioners, is one of the projects through which Absa supports the delivery of low-cost housing in the country. Absa’s commitment to affordable housing is informed by the need to create integrated human settlements that residents can be proud of. We believe the programme will enhance the ability of government officials to undertake and administer housing projects”, says Shiva Makotoko, Head: Absa Public Sector.

The renowned University of Johannesburg takes care of the quality and effectiveness of the program being undergone.

According to Makotoko, the goal of Absa is not plainly to disperse funds for developers to build housing units. Instead, it endeavours to gear up a faster delivery of affordable houses by using an integrated approach. Absa embraces the importance of joining hand in hand with key role players both in the local and national scene.

Up until now, there are already more than 290 government officials who have showed interest in going through the training course. The first short cause was launched in the University of Johannesburg last September this year.

The program hopes to lend a hand to the government in operating the Breaking new Ground movement (BNG) and finally leading to the long lasting creation of more and more affordable settlements. The BNG replaced the Rural Development Programme.

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