Secure your home this festive season

It’s hard not to get pulled into the excitement with all the merry spirit that’s around us. This is by far one of the most celebrated seasons, with year ends, school holidays, family social affairs, present shopping and spending Christmas together.

Despite the fact that mortgage holders got some uplifting news with the latest crime statistic, with housebreaking and home burglary that’s down by a significant margin.

This is no time to fall back on your security as crime tend to get amid the festive season.

It’s staggering to stay aware of all the most recent security patterns/trends, here is a couple of simple strategies to keep your belongings safe this festive season:

Fool proof your roof

Although the saying goes Santa comes through the chimney to deliver presents, but we all know its not Santa we should fear with the red suit but rather the one entering with a crowbar as a present.

It’s a good idea to put a alarm passive in your ceiling space, criminals remove roof tiles to get access to your home through the ceiling which makes it easy for them to deactivate any alarm system that are wired through the roof.

Secure your yard at all points

Add an outdoor layer to your security system, like garden beams and electric fencing that is linked to your alarm system.  This will notify you when any strange activities are taking place in your yard, which gives you time to respond and to notify your security company.

Don’t promote your assets

It’s your right to spend your bonus on fancy things at the end of the year which you have worked hard for during the year, but please be smart about who you advertise it to. If you bought a plasma tv, laptop or anything that has a lot of value please make sure to not put the boxes on your driveway for all to see, rather take it to a dump site or store it in your garage.

Houses normally gets targeted on the value of things they have inside.

Visual obstructions

If you plan on having something valuable outside or on display near a window,  I highly suggest you make sure that no-one from your street can see into your yard or house.

Not all burglaries are planned ahead, it sometimes happen on an impulse when the burglar decides to take a chance on an easy target.

Remember if people can’t see your cellphone/laptop through the window, they are less likely to jump your wall.

Don’t make your home an easy target, invest in visible security gates, burglar bars and even CCTV camera.  Even realistic decoys can help you make your house not so accessible.

Going away

If you plan on going away for more than a week, you should ensure that its never perceived like no-one is home.

Get someone you trust to take out your post while away if your mailbox are on the street or at your gate.

Soften your ringer on your landline with the goal that unanswered calls don’t give your absence away.

Remember burglars don’t do their shopping with a credit card they come with crowbars so be diligent and ensure your safety for this festive season.

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