Standard Bank Home Loans

Standard Bank understands that memories are best made in the company of people you love, and most importantly in the comforts of your own home. They want to make this process of creating lasting memories, as real, and as easy as possible, with their different home loans available.

SecuBond will submit your application to Standard bank and we will pressurise them to get you the best rate on your home loan to suit your budget and needs.

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DreamStart Home Loan

When you are just starting with your career, you normally don’t think about buying your own home yet. You wait until you get to earn some more and increase your savings. Then perhaps, in the near future, you can start thinking about purchasing your own home. But with this kind of home loan, DreamStart, it makes it easy for entry-level income earners like you to finance your own home. Wouldn’t it be awesome to buy your own home at such an early age and perhaps in a few years’ time, you’d be able to buy some more as additional investments. DreamStart home loan will make this possible for you. So if you are earning a single or joint basic income of R1500 up to R6000 a month, not including housing allowances, then this home loan is for you.

Ordinary Home Loan

The ordinary home loan of Standard Bank is for your buyers who need financial assistance in buying a property. Here, the buyer would have to provide for the bond registration, deposit fee and transfer costs upfront. They can give you an outright 95% loan to value (LTV) depending on how much you are applying for and if you have a checking account with Standard Bank. The terms

Whether you are buying your new home, selling your current one, having a house built, or having one improved and renovated, Standard Bank offers you two options, both with flexible and easily manageable terms to choose from, depending on the kind of lifestyle you want to live, and depending on your paying capacity. Furthermore, with the help of their financial tools like calculators, seller’s checklist, buyer’s checklist and home buying guide, you can use all these things to help you speed up the process of your home buying.

So find out how much you can afford now. Use Standard Bank’s calculators for easy calculation. Once you know the cost you can afford, start house hunting. You may take your time or not, depending on the urgency of the situation. Be sure to read the buyer’s and seller’s list so you would know what to look for in buying your perfect home. Once the choice is made, it’s now time to sign an offer purchase then apply for your Standard Bank home loan. It’s that simple!

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