To further boost the housing market in the country, Nedbank has set up four different home loan solutions to cater to the public’s growing need to purchase their own homes. Their reason may because they want to move to a bigger home, or buy their first one, or invest and have it let. Whether it’s about financial changes or lifestyle changes, Nedbank sure does have the financing tool you need.

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Building Loan

The Nedbank building loan is a product that is used in order to finance the building of a new home or used for adding improvements to your home. This loan has a repayment of up to 25 years.

Buy To Let

The Nedbank buy to let loan is a loan that is used to purchase a property with the intention of renting it out. This is a great product for those who chooses to invest in the property market and to make a return on their investment. As with any other investment, you will need to either make a initial lump-sum deposit or invest an amount on a monthly basis or both combined.


The HomeVision product is a home loan that allows you to apply for a loan higher than the required loan amount, creating extra funds that can be accessed later on. These extra funds will be available to you when your property value and affordability has increased.

Ordinary Home Loan

This is probably one of the most popular options when it comes to Nedbank home loans and this home loan can be tailored to your individual needs. It can be used to purchase or finance a residential property or to purchase a vacant residential land for development.

With any of Nedbank home loans, you can finance a home up to 30 years, make some improvements, invest in one or build a house of your choice and be able to choose between a variable or fixed interest rate which are all very competitive. And because they make sure that you can tailor fit your package with your lifestyle needs, your dream of owning your own home is not far from reality. To get more information on the different Nedbank home loans click here to visit their site.

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