Absa Home Loans

As the fervent desire of people to purchase their own properties continues, Absa has come up with various home loans to answer the needs of the growing housing market. Each of these four different home loans will provide a solution to what the people need as they become responsible for owning their own home. So whether they are starting to build their home, or investing in one, or seeking for refinancing, Absa provides flexible and easy home financing solutions.

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Home Loan for Buying a Home

Affordability is typically the name of the game when it comes to buying a property, even if it’s just a piece of land. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or not, Absa will help you calculate how much you can afford to buy at this time. Once you already have the figures with you, you can then customize your loan so it wouldn’t be hard on your pocket, and you can still continue living the lifestyle that you want.

Here are further options you can choose from to suit your specific needs:

Absa Home Loan – this has flexible terms suitable for financing residential properties

MyHome Home Loan – this is a very generous home loan intended for those earning R15000 or less per month

Loans For Existing Customers – in the event that your financial circumstances have changed, and you are considering selling your home or settling your current account to buy a new home, this is the package for you.

Home Loan for Property Investment

If you already have a house of your own, but are thinking of buying a new one so you can have it rented, allowing you to earn additional income while and at the same time protecting your investment in the process, this type of Absa home loan would be perfect for you.

Home Loan For Building Your Own Home

If there is a specific style and design you want for your house and you want to have it built instead of buying a ready-made one, this type of construction home loan will suit you well.

Home Loan for Home Improvements

If you want to make renovations and improvements on your current home, there is a solution Absa can offer you to enable you to borrow from what you’ve already paid for in your current home loan, or increase the amount of your current loan to give room for home improvements.

With the different types of Absa home loan, owning your own home now easily becomes a reality.

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